Ahafo Ano Premier Bank Limited

The establishment of Ahafo Ano Premier Rural Bank Ltd was a gracious response by the Government of Ghana, to the appeal for help to alleviate the suffering of farmers of Wioso and its surrounding villages at the time when they had to travel long distances of over 48 kilometers, virtually on foot to cash their Akuafo cheques at the Ghana Commercial Banks at Bekwai, the nearest Bank to them at the time. Ahafo Ano Premier Rural Bank was incorporated in Ghana in November 1981, and it was authorized to carry on the business of banking under Act, 1970 (Act 339) on 9th December 1982.

The Bank has since then achieved unprecedented growth over the years. As at the time of revision of the policies it is acclaimed the leading Rural Bank among all the Rural / Community banks in the country.

Value StatementsThe Bank has critical philosophies that uniquely distinguish it from other banks.

Excellent customer service and satisfaction is our prime concern
Building a positive identity and image is our prime corporate responsibility
Our most valued assets are our customers
We take banking to the doorsteps of the rural dwellers
We cherish the promoting of socio-economic development of our operational areas
We build Directors/staff capacity through continuous education/training

Our Vision

To be a leading and efficient rural bank in our target market (Ahafo North and South Districts) and provide tailored customer services.

Our mission

The Ahafo Ano Premier rural bank’s mission is to be a reliable rural financial intermediary capable of mobilizing idle resources to support viable economic ventures in its catchment areas as a way of promoting growth and development so as to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

Our ObjectivesThe objectives of the Bank are as set out below

To provide quality, prompt and efficient banking services to its clients
To work profitably to ensure the payment of good returns on shareholder funds
To promote the socio-economic development of its operational areas
To develop the banking culture of the people in its operational areas
To develop the banking skills of both staff and directors of the Bank
To improve the quality of life of people in its operational area
To be generally seen as an instrument which propel social and national economic development of Ghanaians

Our team